Amazon Quiz Answers Daily: Win Exciting Rewards

Amazon Quiz Answers Daily-Earn Exciting Rewards

Hello Friends, Welcome to khabar4u. In this post, we will give the Spin and win quiz answers(i.e the December quiz, January quiz, etc.), the monthly quiz, and other quiz answers of the amazon quiz. Answer Amazon Quiz Daily and win exciting rewards. 

Amazon always contests quiz for their users you can get daily quiz answers from our site and win great & exciting rewards.


Quiz Duration Till the Valid date of that quiz.
Quiz Time 24/7
Mandatory 18 to 26 Years Users


“Wheel of fortune” Quiz Answer ~ Win Lenevo Legion Laptop, TV & more*:

[Ans: Steve Wozniak]


The “Festive Quiz” Answers ~ Win Rs 15,000* Amazon Pay Balance.

Q1. What is this kind of floor decoration, prevalent during the festival of Pongal known as?

Ans. Kolam

Q2. What is this musical instrument commonly played during Bihu celebrations known as?

Ans. Pepa

Q3. This type of sugar halwa surrounded by sesame and jaggery laddoos are typical of the food eaten on which occasion in Maharashtra?

Ans. Makar Sankranti

Q4. This preparation shares its name with which of these festivals?

Ans. Pongal

Q5. These kinds of creatively made kites are commonly seen in a kite festival held on which occasion? 

Ans. Uttarayan


[Festival Edition] Funzone Jackpot ~ Win Rs 50,000 & other exciting rewards*  :[Ans: All of the above]


[Makar Sankranti Edition] Spin And  Win Prizes to make Sankranti Special :[Ans: Harvest]


The “January Edition quiz ” Answers ~ Win Rs 20,000* Amazon Pay Balance.

Q1. On January 1st, 1502 Portuguese explorers landed at Guanabara Bay, on the coast of South America, and named the city what?

Ans. Rio De Janeiro

Q2. On January 3rd, 1995 what state having a landmass about 1/5th of the other put together, became the 49th US together, became the 49th US state?

Ans. Alaska

Q3. 15th January is observed as the Indian Army Day, as this was the day when _____took over as Commander in Chief. (Fill in the blanks)

Ans. KM Cariappa

Q4. National Voter’s Day is observed on 25th January to celebrate the foundation day of which organization?

Ans. Election Commission of India 

Q5. In 2019, in a Test match played in January, which Indian spinner took a five-wicket haul as India made Australia follow on at the SCG?

Ans. Kuldeep Yadav

Q6. Detective Marcus Burnett and Michael Lowery are the central characters in which movie released in January 2020?

Ans. Bad boys for life

Q7. The original name of which famous figure from the music industry having his birthday on January 8th, was David Robert Jones?

Ans. David Bowie

Q8. The Pattadakal dance festival usually held in January is held in a UNESCO World Heritage Site in which Indian State?

Ans. Karnataka


[January Edition] Spin and Win Bose speakers, Rs10,000 & more : [Ans: Rajendra Prasad]


 [Special Edition] Spin And  Win Amazon pay balance for new year shopping :[Ans: Gangtok]


Amazon ‘NESCAFE QUIZ’ Answers ~Win Rs.10,000* Amazon Pay Balance.

Q1. What types of Cheeky Morning Personality Mugs can you select with the new Nescafe Cheeky Mug Pack?

Ans. All Of These

Q2. With the NESCAFE Cheeky Mug Pack, you can pick your Mug with your favorite morning personality.


Q3. The Nescafe Cheeky Mug Pack comes with a ____ jar of Nescafe Classic Coffee. Fill in the blanks.

Ans. 200g

Q4. The Nescafe Cheeky Mug Pack comes with the iconic _____ Mug. Fill in the blanks with a color.

Ans. Red


Amazon ‘XBOX GAME PASS FOR PC QUIZ’ Answers ~Win Rs.10,000* Amazon Pay Balance.

Q1. How many games can be played on Xbox Game Pass for PC?

Ans. 100+

Q2. Which operating system is required to play games in Xbox Game Pass for PC?

Ans. Windows 10

Q3. The Asus TUF/Lenevo Legion Gaming PCs come with a free 1-month Xbox Game pass for PC subscription.


Q4. The EA Play launching on Xbox Game Pass for Pc at no extra cost in____.

Ans. Year 2022

Q5. After how many days after the launch, new games from Xbox Game Studios are available on Xbox Game Pass for PC?

Ans. Same as launch day.


Amazon ‘RING OF REWARDS’ Spin & Win Answers ~ Win Rs.10,000* Amazon Pay Balance.[Ans: 31]


Amazon ‘Mi 10T Series Quiz’ Answers ~ Win Mi 10T.

Q1. Which of these are the features of the Mi 10T series?

Ans. All of these.

Q2. What are the camera features of Mi 10T Pro?

Ans. All of these

Q3. What is the refresh rate of the Mi 10T Series?

Ans. 144 Hz

Q4. Which processor is used in Mi 10T series?

Ans. Qualcomm Snapdragon 865

Q5. Does Mi 10T is 5G ready phone?

Ans. Yes

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