Fampay Referral Code 2023: Get Bonus ₹51 + ₹1000 Per Referral

Fampay Referral Code: Get Virtual Debit Card Instant & Earn Upto ₹1000 Per Refer

Hello Friends, Welcome to our site Khabar4u. We come with a great, rewarding app India’s first neobank the Fampay. Here you can save money on doing payments with this card. You can refer and earn up to ₹1000 by referring a friend whose age is between 11-20 years, and get them to do a payment of ₹200 using FamcardRead the full article for Fampay Referral Code, Fampay App Referral Code, and Fampay Referral Code 2023.

Fampay provides you with a free prepaid debit card. It is specially designed for teenagers to make payments independently, reducing our difficulty in giving them physical cash.

With FamPay and which has no numbers on the card, you can make online (UPI & P2P) and offline payments without the need to set up a bank account. Every transaction is protected with a device that looks like a fingerprint, Face ID, pattern lock, or PIN.

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Fampay Referral Code

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Fampay Referral Code 2023:

Use Fampay Referral Code as PRANXLH8W. Download the Fampay app Click here. Signup using our Fampay referral code and get a signup bonus instant.

Fampay referral Code PRANXLH8W
Fampay App Download Download.
Requirement Aadhar Card Mini KYC
Rewards Up to ₹ 1000 per successful FamPay referral
For Signing up Get ₹51 and 200 FamPay coin
For doing Aadhar KYC 500 FamPay coin
For setting up your UPI 100 FamPay coin

FamPay Referral Code is PRANXLH8W. Apply the Referral Code and get a signup bonus and more rewards.

What is Fampay?

India’s first UPI and card payments for teenagers is here! Introducing the best-prepaid card and UPI app for teenagers (13-19-year-olds). FamPay helps teens to make payments, online and offline through the FamCard & UPI ID, exclusively for teenagers.

Our aim is to drive the smart generation from cash to digital, all without a bank account, through a family-friendly, safe app. Teenagers can now make secure payments, after ensuring their parents and they themselves have completed their KYC verification. FamPay ensures the highest safety and security for its users.

How to Signup on Fampay app?

Use Fampay Referral Code to get a signup bonus.

fampay referral


  • Enter your mobile number.

fampay referral


  • Fill out the OTP.
  • Enter the given FamPay referral code below.

fampay referral


  • Enter First name and Last name.
  • Fill in Your date of birth.
  • Give permission to access your location and contacts.
  • Then Activate your account.
  • Enter your Aadhaar number and continue.
  • Verify OTP sent to your phone number linked to your Aadhar number and submit.

How to use the Referral Code?

  1. Download FamPay App
  2. Open the App, You will See the Introduction Images. Skip it and Click on the Get Started button. Enter your Mobile Number and it will automatically verify by OTP and enter manually.
  3. On the next page, Enter the Referral Code and Apply it: PRANXLH8W
  4. Now Enter your First Name, Last Name, and Date of Birth, and Submit
  5. You will See Verify Yourself page; click on Continue > Enter your Aadhaar Card Number > Verify by OTP and Complete the Mini KYC
  6. Enjoy FamCoins

Features of Fampay:

  • To share money instantly with your friends and family.
  • Seamlessly pay online using your FamCard.
  • Transact up to ₹2,00,000 per year.
  • Scan and Pay using UPI.
  • Up to ₹10,000 on Referral of Fampay.
  • Redeem money to a bank account.
  • Earn Daily Money on every spin.

Why do you need FamCard?

Do the following scenarios look relatable to you?

  • I have to carry enough cash with me all the time, in case I have to get something on the way back home
  • My parents run out of cash to give to me when I need to go out.
  • I have to keep borrowing money from friends when I fall short of cash
  • Have to often ask my parents for their OTP whenever I use the card.
  • I am dependent on my parents for online/offline payment

Features Of FamCard:

  • FamCard is a prepaid debit card for FamPay users.
  • Anyone can get their personalized name on FamCard.
  • There is no number printed on FamCard.
  • It has a “Flash Pin” which is generated for every transaction.

How to make your own payments as a teenager?

Make your own payments as a teenager:

  1. Create your own UPI ID for teens and make easy money transfer.
  2. Send money to and request money from friends and family with UPI payments.
  3. Make lightning-fast payments with FamPay for teenagers.
  4. Make easy online and offline payments at your favorite stores using the FamCard & UPI for teenagers.
  5. Pay with your numberless FamCard – the best-prepaid card for teens.
  6. Scan and pay through QR Codes for digital payments through your UPI ID.

Revolutionise payments for your child, as a parent

  • Send money to your child whenever you want, from wherever you are – the benefit of making digital payments.
  • Set limits and control the expenses of your child by transferring the amount you wish into their FamPay account.
  • Experience true transparency and manage your child’s finances by tracking their expenses.
  • Help your child become financially independent and attain financial literacy through practical experience.
  • FamPay focuses on maximum security and follows RBI guidelines, which is why both you and your child must complete KYC verification before you attain complete access to the app.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is a FamCard?

FamCard is a numberless prepaid card co-branded and issued by IDFC FIRST bank. As soon as you create an account on fampay.  You’ll be able to access your card in the app for all your online purchases. To swipe the card at offline merchants, you need to place an order for the physical card.

Q. Is the FamCard Me safe?

The FamCard Me is numberless, and therefore super safe and convenient. All the card details are stored in the FamPay App and are device lock protected. Even if your card gets lost or stolen, the joke’s on the thief 😆 Your card can be blocked anytime through the FamPay App

Q. Where can I use FamCard?

You can swipe your FamCard in person or transfer money digitally on all your favourite sites, such as Amazon, Zomato, Swiggy, Uber, etc. Book your movie tickets, get a cab, buy a gift, and grab a snack! Wherever there’s a fun way, there’s FamPay!

Q. How do I use the card at offline stores?

To use the card at offline stores, you need to order a physical card for yourself which can be used to swipe for payments. Also, it’s quite cool to carry.

Q. Is FamCard secure for transactions?

The security of our users and their money is our first priority. FamCard is a prepaid card issued by IDFC FIRST Bank.

FamCard has no numbers on the physical card, which makes it extremely secure. Since all the details are on your app, there’s no fear of information theft even if you lose it!

Both physical and virtual cards can be paused, blocked, and managed at your fingertips on the app anytime.

Note: To ensure safety from your end, please do not share your OTP with anyone while making a transaction.

  • Only teenagers will get FamCoins.
  • You can burn your Famcoins one time a day using a spinner.
  • Your friends do not get any Famcoin on receiving money.
  • Famcoins allocated to users can be changed anytime.
  • For redeeming coins you need to do KYC.
  • While paying a friend to earn FamCoins, the Receiver should be less than 20 years of age.
  • Famcoins credited to users are fixed while paying a friend on FamPay and can be earned twice a week per friend.
  • To earn Famcoins, the minimum amount for UPI payments is ₹11 and the payment should be done to a shop/merchant.
  • You can earn only 1000 Coins in a day.

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