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Fastwin App Download and Fastwin APK Download: Fastwin App Register and Login

Hello Friends, Welcome to khabar4u. In this post, I will share one more earning platform the Fiewin app which is the Fastwin app. As you all know Fiewin is under maintenance so in that time you should get to know about the Fastwin App so that meanwhile, you can earn money daily here. Read this full post to know about Fastwin App Download, Fastwin APK Download, and Fastwin App Download 2023 APK.

This is a money-earning site, where you can earn unlimited money daily. The Fastwin app is the same as the Fiewin App and here also you have similar games and you can earn easily.Fastwin App Download

Fastwin is an exciting and innovative mobile application that promises a thrilling gaming experience along with the opportunity to win real money. With its user-friendly interface and a wide variety of games, Fastwin brings the thrill of online gambling right to your fingertips. Whether you’re a fan of slots, poker, or roulette, Fastwin has something for everyone. The app also offers regular tournaments and challenges, where users can compete against each other for even bigger cash prizes. With secure payment options and a transparent reward system, Fastwin ensures a fair and trustworthy gaming environment. Get ready to play, compete, and win with Fastwin.

Download Fastwin App and APK: Download Now

Fastwin App Download 2023: Fastwin APK Download

 App Download Link Download
Register Link Register
Referral Income 250 Rs Per Referral
Signup Bonus 20 Rs
Fastwin Invite Code 48145647831

Download Fastwin App: Click Here

Download the Fastwin APK Version: Click Here

Register and Login in Fastwin: Get a Signup Bonus

1. Fastwin App Download Link, Download Fastwin App from link: Click Here

2. Open that given link.Fastwin Register

3. Enter your Mobile Number.

4. Enter your Login Password and confirm it.

5. Apply Fastwin Invite Code: 48145647831

6. Click on the OTP button and enter the OTP received on your mobile.

7. Agree with all terms and conditions.

8. After successful signup, you will get 20 Rs as a welcome bonus.

Games available in the Fastwin App:

1. Fast-Parity

2. Parity

3. Spare

4. Dice

5. Andar-Bahar

6. Wheelocity

7. Mine Sweeper

8. Jet (Coming Soon)

9. Ludo (Coming Soon)

What is Fastwin App?

Fastwin is The Best App That Can Help You Invest And Earn In A Smart Way. FastWin is the best platform and the best experience app with a total of 20 lakh+ users and 3 lakh+ investors. This app offers a refer-and-earn program where users can earn extra rewards by using FastWin Invite Link. Sign up and get ₹10 in their wallet which is 100% usable for playing games. And if you invite your friends and family members you will get ₹10 on every referral.Fastwin refer & earn

Refer and Earn A Fortune on Fastwin App:

1. Earn 250 Rs. per referral.

2. Send your unique referral link.

3. User register with your link

4. When the User will complete the first deposit.

5. Finally, you will receive 250 Rs.

How to Claim Free Bonus Fastwin APK Download?

1. Login your account in the Fastwin App

2. Go to the task reward option

3. Click the Join & Get button

4. You can join the channel and again to the same page Fastwin task rewards

5. You can claim Fastwin rewards

6. Got it, Do it Successfully and you will get the balance added To your Fastwin account.

Fastwin Rewards:

  • Welcome -20 Rs
    You will be rewarded with 20 Rs.
  • First Recharge – 20 Rs
    This reward can only be obtained by doing your first recharge
  • Daily 100 Orders – 10 Rs
    You need to complete 100 games in order to receive this reward.

Fastwin Rewards

Games in Fastwin App:

1. Fast-Parity 2. Parity 3. Spare 4. Dice 5. Andar-Bahar 6. Wheelocity 7. Mine Sweeper 8. Jet (Coming Soon) 9. Ludo (Coming Soon) these are the game available on Fastwin App.

MineSweeperFastwin apk download

You can choose 2×2, 4×4, or 8×8 as three ways to play. The number of levels and reward amounts for each method is different.

The following is an example of 4×4:In the 16 boxes, one of them was buried with a mine. The goal of the game is to find a box without mine, and every time you find one, you will get a reward.

Andar Baharfastwin app download

Andar Bahar is a guessing game, you can choose Andar, Bahar, or Tie.

30 seconds to order, after the order time, Show a hole card first. Then, in the order of Andar → Bahar, the cards are dealt in turn, and the card with the same number of points as the hole card is dealt first, and which side wins.

If the hole card shows a 7, then Andar and Bahar, whoever shows the 7 first, wins. If no 7 is shown in 30 consecutive cards, it is a tie.
Even If you spend ₹100 to trade, after deducting the 3 rupees service fee, your contract amount is 97 rupees:

1. Buy Andar: Andar will first show 7 and you will get (97 * 1.9) 184.3 rupees;
2. Buy Bahar: Bahar will first show 7 and you will get (97 * 2) 194 rupees;
3. Buy a Tie: If both Andar and Bahar do not show 7, you will get (97 * 14) 1358 rupees.

Dicefastwin apk download

1 minute 1 issue, 45 seconds to order, 15 seconds to show the lottery result. It is open all day. The total number of trades is 1440 issues.

If you spend 100 rupees to trade, after deducting the 5 rupees service fee, your contract amount is 95 rupees. If you select <19, the result is 16, you will get (95*5) 475 points.

Parityfastwin apk download

These games do not require special skills. All you require to do is to predict. In addition, it also has referral schemes that further help you earn more money. You can introduce the application to your friends and family and earn additional money through that.

3 minutes 1 issue, 2 minutes and 45 seconds to order, and 15 seconds to show the lottery result. It is open all day. The total number of trades is 480 issues.

If you spend 100 rupees to trade, after deducting the 5 rupees service fee, your contract amount is 95 rupees:

1. JOIN GREEN: if the result shows 1,3,7,9, you will get (95*2) 190 rupees; If the result shows 5, you will get (95*1.5) 142.5 rupees.

2. JOIN RED: if the result shows 2,4,6,8, you will get (95*2) 190 rupees; If the result shows 0, you will get (95*1.5) 142.5 rupees.

3. JOIN VIOLET: If the result shows 0 or 5, you will get (95*4.5) 427.5 rupees.

Fastwin Mod Apk

Fastwin has 7 games that require a little bit of skills and more based on luck factor and guesswork. You can say that Fastwin is more of a game of change than a game of skills in which if your luck favors you, then only you can earn regularly. To increase the chances of winning in Fastwin games many people believe that they can acquire some tips and tricks to play games.
These tips and tricks may or may not work in practical life. So instead of searching for such tips you can play the games on observation and analyzing the result pattern. You can guess the right color or number only when you have good observation power.
Many users also search for Fastwin Hack Mod Apk where they can manipulate the game results as per their choice. Mod APK refers to a Modified version of the Fastwin APK file which is designed in such a manner that results appear in favor of the developer. But this is not true at all as no such file exists. We advise you not to believe in such applications as these make people fool and steal their private data such as ID and Password.

Fastwin App Free Bonus:

Fastwin provides a free bonus to the newly registered people. When someone joins the game with our affiliate link or invite code, he or she will be credited Rs 100 to the Fastwin account. This bonus is provided by Fastwin as soon as you register with your mobile number. You should utilize this Fastwin Free Bonus to play games and to be perfect in anticipating the resulting pattern
To get this free bonus, you should register on Fastwin with a link given on this website. When you are signing up for Fastwin, you can enter the code 287072668 in the invite code section and you will get a Fastwin free bonus of Rs 100.

Task Rewards

Go to the first of all your task rewards in the fastwin app home screen. and you can complete the task and claim your task rewards now.

1Welcome, Bonus:

Register a new account Fastwin app and log in to your account. then you can go to the task reward tab section and you can go to jin the button in telegram and it will reward with Rs.50, you can claim a bonus for free now.

2. First Recharge:

After Creating an account you can home screen in the app, you can go to the recharge tab section, and enter your minimum recharge amount from Rs.200 to Rs.10,000 You can successfully recharge and you will get extra bonus rewards in the Fastwin app. This reward can only be obtained by doing your first recharge now.

3. Daily 100 Orders:

You need to complete 100 games in order to receive these rewards get Rs.10 daily for just 100 playing games daily and you can claim the reward worth Rs.10 instant in your account now.

Check-in Daily Rewards

Recharge your Fastwin app wallet, to get these rewards daily, check in for 7 consecutive days to get the treasure box, and receive mysterious prizes! daily check-in the box and get rewards daily now.

Check-In Rewards
Day 1 + ₹1
Day 2 + ₹1
Day 3 + ₹2
Day 4 + ₹1
Day 5 + ₹1
Day 6 + ₹1
Check-In + ₹3

Fastwin Official Forecast Group:

The Fastwin Official Forecast is some Telegram channels. If you can join them, you can get predictions for the Fastwin Fast Parity or any colour prediction game in the Fastwin app. 

But it will only provide you with the predictions for the colour prediction game in the Fastwin app, and that’s why you cannot rely upon them completely. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. What Is The Fastwin App?

Ans: Fastwin App Is An Online Color Prediction And Gaming App Where You Can Earn Money By Playing Games And Inviting People Through Refer And Earn.

Q. What Is Fastwin Whatsapp Number Or Fiewin Customer Care Number?

Ans: Fastwin Has Telegram Contact So You Can Contact Them On Telegram Click Here

Q. Fastwin Is Real Or Fake?

Ans: It is A Genuine App And Running for the Last 1 Year. Also Giving Instant Payments So Do At Your Own Risk.

Q. How To Unblock Fastwin Account?

Ans: To Unblock Your Fastwin Account You Need To Contact Fastwin Official Telegram Support. They Will Unblock If Your Account Is Block Without a Duplicate ID.

Q. Why Fastwin Account Is Blocked?

Ans: If You Make Multiple Accounts On A Single Device Then Your Fastwin Account Will Be Blocked So Don’t Make Multiple Accounts.

Q. How Do You Earn In Fastwin?

Ans: You Can Earn Money By Playing Games And Color Prediction. Also, You Can Earn Money By Inviting People. There Is Also Agent Income Available With Level 3 Income You Can Get By Simply Referring Your Friends.

Fastwin Terms and Conditions

Fastwin’s rules and regulations prohibit multiple accounts. You may be blocked if you use multiple accounts or conduct suspicious activities.

Fastwin Contact:

To Contact Fastwin customer support you need to join their telegram channel. The link to the telegram channel is: Click here.

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