[मुफ्त]Fearn Referral Code: Earn Upto ₹50000 Paytm Cash Calender Year

Fearn App Referal Code: Earn ₹50000 per Year or ₹500 Per Week.

Hello Friend, Welcome to our site khabar4u. We come with a wide range of earning app Fearn App. In this post, you will get Fearn App Referral Code, Fearn App Referral Code, How to withdraw money from the Feran App?

Fearn App is very useful for fitness freak people and people who want to earn free Paytm cash. Earn Paytm Cash from the Fearn app by walking, jogging, running, Referring Fearn App Referral Code.

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Fearn App Helps People to keep their body fit and fine with the help of walking, jogging, running. This app provides a daily minimum limit of walking or jogging according to your height, weight entered in the app. In this post, you will find about the Fearn app, rewards of Fearn app, Referral of Fearn App, Rules of Fearn app, and features of the Fearn App also.

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Get Fearn App Points( Earn Paytm Cash)

  1. Download Fearn App Click Here.
  2. Open the Fearn App on your device.
  3. Select Gmail Account to Continue.fearn app referral code
  4. Give All Required Permissions.
  5. Enter Mobile Number.fearn referral code
  6. Verify it with OTP (if auto verification is not done).
  7. Go to Fearn App Menu.
  8. In Profile Section Write Our Referral Code( if not installed from the link)fearn referral code
  9. Our Fearn App Referral Code is:- 37yqGu7WXifwL7PhmEJvFTeL2CI2
  10. Referral Code is long so you are suggested to download the app from the link (Click Here).
  11. Now You will get Rewards.
  12. Keep Walking and Earn Money.

Rewards Of Fearn App

When you will walk regularly keeping the phone in your pocket Fearn app will count your steps and give points according to your daily limit of steps. You can earn a minimum amount of ₹50000 in a year from the Fearn app by ranking in the first position all over the world. Here are the Rewards of the Fearn App:-

Yearly Rewards

Rank Money
1 ₹50000
2 ₹25000
3 ₹10000
4-8 ₹5000
9-27 ₹3000
28-56 ₹2000
57-83 ₹1500
84-113 ₹1000
114-400 500
401-1000 ₹100

Weekly Rewards

Rank Money
1 ₹500
2 ₹200
3-5 ₹100
6-25 ₹50

Rules Of Earning Points.

Steps Calculation

  1. Fearn app uses google fit and apple health kit API to track steps.
  2.  Counting of steps will be done only when you open the app and keep checking your account regularly o check that the steps are counting or not.

Steps Points Calculation

  1. Steps Points are calculated on the basis of the percentage of the daily target. Step Points= (Total Steps/Daily Target *100).
  2. You can score a maximum of 200 Points by walking only.
  3. More than 200 points can be earned by using referral only.fearn refer earn


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