Fiewin Not working: Fraud, Reason, Fiewin Real or Fake?

Is Fiewin Not working? Explanation, Reason | Fiewin Real or Fake?

Hello friends, Welcome to khabar4u, We come with a piece of new information on the Fiewin app. In this post, we will tell you about Fiewin App, Is Fiewin App Not Working, Fiewin Real or Fake, Fiewin not working, Fiewin will come back or not. We will give you all details about the fiewin app.

Fiewin App is Not working solution, Fiewin is Not opening, Fiewin new link, Fiewin will back or not? , How to withdraw money from Fiewin – Last couple of days, the popular money-earning website named ‘fiewin‘ is not opening, we have tried the URL from multiple IPs but found that it’s still not working. There could be multiple reasons behind it. Fiewin was genuine & one of the few instant payment-giving websites in India.

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Fiewin is not working: 

We have received several complaints from our users regarding delayed payments from Fiewin. This was an uncommon occurrence, prompting us to reach out to Fiewin via their official Telegram channel. Their response indicated that there were issues with their Payment Gateway, causing delays in processing payments.

At present, it is uncertain whether Fiewin will resume its services or not. We have witnessed numerous instances where money-generating websites suddenly vanish without any prior notice. Therefore, it is plausible to speculate that Fiewin may not make a comeback.

Please note that the situation remains uncertain, and we will continue to monitor any developments related to Fiewin and its services.

Fiewin App Scam Alert | Withdrawal Issues on Fiewin App:

Since Last Month, Fiewin App has been inaccessible, and users have been receiving notifications claiming server and bank errors, among other false reasons, to delay their withdrawals. Today, the Fiewin App and its associated URL are no longer functioning, indicating that withdrawals will not be reflected in users’ bank accounts.

We previously conducted a review of the Fiewin App’s authenticity, and despite some users defending its legitimacy and providing proof of their investments, we personally invested our own money to reveal the truth. Unfortunately, we did not receive any withdrawals, confirming the deceptive nature of these types of apps.

Users who initially supported such apps are now facing the consequences as their hard-earned earnings have vanished due to fabricated explanations. Your withdrawals will not materialize in your bank accounts; they will forever remain stuck in the “in process” state. Even accessing the withdrawal section of the Fiewin App is currently impossible.

Is Fiewin Real or Fake?

Is Fiewin App Real or Fake? My answer to this is a resounding no. Many users among my friends have been unable to withdraw their hard-earned earnings for the past few days. Despite my efforts to find authentic information about Fiewin’s plans, I have come up empty-handed.

Currently, Fiewin App is associated with fakeness. It entices users with extremely attractive plans, a common tactic used by fraudsters to deceive unsuspecting individuals. Initially, Fiewin pays some users to gain the trust of others, encouraging them to invest their money.

This scheme is reminiscent of the “Laxmi Cheat Fund” depicted in the movie “Phir Hera Pheri.” In this film, some users receive money and bring in more users, but eventually, the company disappears like smoke in the air.

Numerous Fiewin Apps can be found, all of which require investments. However, it is crucial to invest wisely and not allocate too much money, as they will not pay you in the future. It is advisable to make daily withdrawals.

Therefore, after considering all the information I have presented, you can conclude that Fiewin Apps are currently fake. It is always prudent to invest money in mutual funds (MF) or systematic investment plans (SIPs) for better future returns.


The abrupt vanishing of the Fiewin website has had a lasting impact on its user base, shedding light on the susceptibility of online transactions and emphasizing the significance of approaching such platforms with caution. This incident acts as a powerful reminder for individuals, regulatory entities, and society at large to advocate for responsible online behavior, establish robust oversight measures, and cultivate a culture of digital literacy. By drawing lessons from this regrettable occurrence, we can work towards building a more secure digital realm characterized by trust and transparency.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Is Fiewin not working?

Ans: Yes, Fiewin is not working since June 20203.

Q. When Fiewin will come back?

Ans: Fiewin may come back but there is a very low chance of it.

Q. How to earn money now?

Ans: There are a lot of apps like fiewin in the market. Example: Fastwin App.

Q. Is there any similar App like Fiewin?

Ans: Yes, Fastwin is an exactly similar app to Fiewin. Download Fastwin App.


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