[Banned] Hago Invitation Code: Hago Chinese App

Hago Invitation Code: Hago Chinese App(Banned)

Hello friends, welcome to our site khabar4u. In this post, we will tell you about the Hago Invitation Code, Hago Referral Code, Withdraw Money from Hago App. Hago is a Chinese app. Why this app got banned? Hago App Banned.

Hago a Chinese App [Banned].

As of India-China Border Dispute in the Ladakh area, the Indian Government has taken a very strong decision and banned almost all the app Chinese App in Our Country. Due to this Decision, the Hago app has also been affected and got banned in India.

Read this post carefully and take part in the Indian App Revolution. We Must Stand with the commitment of the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi of ‘Atmanirbhar Bharat’ आत्मनिर्भर भारत|

Best Alternate Indian Apps

We Must Take participate in Atmanirbhar Bharat by Using Indian Apps and Indian Products ( Be Vocal and Local ). In this way, we can strengthen the Indian economy and boost the national GDP.

Hago Invitation Code:-20YDR2GHAGO Invitation Code

How to Install Hago App?

You can install the Hago app by following these steps in easy ways and also can earn money:-

  1. Install Hago Application Click HereDownload hago app
  2. After a successful installation open Hago app.
  3. Click on the mobile phone icon.
  4. Log in with a new mobile number.
  5. After login go to the Hago Cash tree section.
  6. you have to plant your Hago tree.
  7. After planting a tree you will get money
  8. You will see the Invitation code option there.
  9. Enter Hago invitation code:- 20YDR2G.
  10. Now you will receive 50 Rs daily collect it daily and withdraw it.

How to Earn Money From Hago App?

Earning Money From the Hago app is very simple and easy. You Can Earn Money by just opening your Hago app regularly and follow these steps:-

  1. Open Hago App Daily.
  2. Remember time should between 8:30 am to 9:00 am.
  3. Hago cash tree
  4. On the Hago Money Plant, You will see rupees.
  5. You will get 50 Rs Daily on Hago Money Plant.hago earn money
  6. Collect Money From Hago Money Plant.
  7. By Clicking on money blinking over Hago Money Plant.

How to Withdraw Money From Hago App?

You Can Withdraw Money from the Hago app in very ways just refer your Hago referral code to your friends.

  1. Open Hago Application in your device.
  2. Hago cash tree
  3. After you will see the option of sharing app.
  4. You can share the app via Whatsapp, Facebook, Messenger.
  5. Copy the link and share it via as you want.
  6. You can also share your Invitation Code with friends.hago invitation code

Tell your friends, relatives, family members to install the Hago app via your link after that you can withdraw Hago money from your wallet.

NOTE:-One Invited Friend Makes you withdraw 25 Rs from your Wallet.

Features of Hago App

Hago App is a type of gaming and earning app from which you can enjoy many collections of games easy as well as hard games such as -Fruit Salad Game, Knife throw Game, Street Shooter, Crazy Cricket, Badminton Champion, Teen Patti and etc.

You can earn Coins by playing games and with the help of coins, you can play luck draw and win motorbikes, Paytm cash, and many more about 500 games.hago games

Hago app provides a chatting facility with friends and your game competitors.

Lucky draw in Hago App Win-Motorcycle, Paytm Moneyhago invitation code

Tricks to get more money:-

  1. The water you plant regularly.
  2. Fertilize it regularly to get more money.hago shield
  3. Complete your task by playing games to get more water.how to withdraw money from hago
  4. Cover up your plant with a shield.
  5. So that anyone cannot steal your money.

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