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Handy Pick: Prediction Game Platform | Referral Code | Referral Code 2022

Hello Guys, Welcome to Khabar4u. In this post, we will see about one of the most trusted prediction game platforms that are the Handy Pick App. To know about all the features of the Handy Pick App and know how to use do read this full post. You will get here Handy Pick Referral Code, Handy Pick Referral Code 2022, and Handy Pick Signup Process.

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Handy Pick is a prediction game app where you can win real-time cash. It is a game where you predict and plays games and anyone can play. Here there is no age limit and no skills required to play the game. You have to just read the instructions and start to predict to win real-time cash.

Handy Pick is easy and trusted earning app where you can earn unlimited cash. Many apps have been developed to earn real-time cash which is developed for the sake of scams. Beware of those apps. Handy Pick is a genuine and trusted app.  

Prediction Game Platform that anyone can easily play. Play Handy Pick to win various Daily Reward Pools! Play easy, and Get Handy.

Handy Pick has recently started a Refer and Earn Option where you can earn real cash directly in your bank account by signing up using the referral code to get Rs.110 Handy Pick coins, if we convert these coins you will get Rs.275 approximately during signup, and if you refer this to your friends and family members you will get 10 Handy Pick coins. You can withdraw your cash directly from your Bank Account.

*Handy Pick Referral Code:

Handy Pick referral code is 6CERNB

Handy Pick Referral Code 2022 6CERNB
Signup Bonus Rs.275 Signup Bonus
Referral Amount Rs.10 per Refer
Refer Valid for New Users
Handy Pick Download Link Download

Join the Handy Pick referral code 2022: 6CERNB and get Rs.275 signup bonus and share it with your family and friends to earn Rs.10 per Refer.

Click on the website for more details: Website

About Handy Pick App

Handy Pick is a prediction game app, where you can win real cash. Anyone can predict and play, there is no age limit to play, and don’t want any skills to play. Handy Pick is started Refer and Earn option, by this you can earn real cash directly in your bank account. Start referring your friends and family members to earn more cash.

How to Signup in Handy Pick to get Rs.275?

1. Download the HandyPickapp (the link is given below).

Download now

2. After you click the link mentioned above, it will redirect you to the google play store.

3. Now install it on your device. Click on the profile icon on the dashboard which is in the bottom right.

4. Click on the SignUp Option and agree with the terms and conditions.

Handy Pick Referral Code

5. Enter your email id and mobile number.

6. An OTP is sent to verify the mail id. Enter the OTP and verify it.

Handy Pick Referral Code

7. Enter the password you want two times to confirm it.

8. Now enter your unique username and click on next.

9. Next, enter the Handy Pick Referral Code mentioned below.

Handy Pick Referral Code: 6CERNB

10. You will get 100 Handy Pick points as a signup bonus.

11. Complete one task and get 10 Handy Pick and you will get a total of 110 Handy Pick points.

How to get 10 Handy Pick points on every Refer?

      1. Open your Handy Pick app on your required device.

      2. You will get the main page of the app.

      3. Click the profile icon which is there on the bottom extreme right of the dashboard.

      4. You will get an Invite Friends Options which you have to click.

      5. You will get a unique referral link.

      6. Now you can share the referral link with your family and friends.

      7. After your friends and family signup through your referral code, you will receive 10 Handy Pick Points.

      8. Your friends and family will also get 10 Handy Pick Points as a signup bonus.Handy Pick Referral code

How To Play Prediction Game on Handy Pick

The makers of the Handy Pick app are selling it as a game, but it’s not. It is just like how you would predict the course of the prizes in apps like IQ Option.

1. Open the app and tap Play.

2. Answer all the questions and tap submit.
                    • Short means the prize will go down.
                    • Long means the prize will go up.

3. In the daily game there is just one prediction game but there can be as many as 10 questions in a pool.

4. After the result are out, tap the icon shown in the image below

5. Now view your rankings and the amount you won

How to Withdraw Handy Pick Cash?

A prediction platform that anyone can easily participate in, earning coffee every day, earning chicken prices, and even sim… Easy prediction game

      1. Open your Handy Pick app on your required device.

      2. Click the profile icon which is there on the bottom extreme right of the dashboard.

      3. You can see the wall balance and click on send.

      4. If you want to withdraw your balance, you need a minimum of 2000 Handy Pick points.

      5. Now you can withdraw the cash directly from your bank account.

      6. You will receive the withdrawal balance within 24 hours.

How to Get 1000 on New Account:

1) Firstly, go to the Handy Pick website from the given page or download it from the Google play store.

2) Secondly, open the Handy Pick app to make a new account.

3) After that, tick on the terms & conditions, and enter your email address.

4) Next, go to your Gmail app and verify your account by tapping on the verification link.

5) After that, enter your phone number, set a password, confirm the password, and username, and enter the referral code.

6) Now, use this Handy Pick referral code: 6CERNB

7) Next, your points will deliver to the app wallet > now, open and check it.

8) After that, you can play various games and earn more handy tokens.

9) Now, go to the app wallet and withdraw your tokens to the Hotbit account.

10) Lastly, you can check your handy tokens on the Hotbit app.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Q. What is Handy Pick App?

It is an app from Korean developers that lets you win digital currency by predicting the change in their prices.

Q. What is Handy?

Handy is the virtual currency of the HandyPick app which is based on Ethereum.

Q. Can I Exchange Handy Tokens For Cash?

Yes, you can. You can exchange the tokens for KRW(Korean won) at coin one.co.kr.

Q. Is It Possible to Swap Handy?

Yes, Handy Tokens can be swapped to Ethereum or any other Ethereum-based cryptocurrency via Uniswap.

Q. What Do I Need To Withdraw Handy Tokens?

You will need an Ethereum wallet to redeem handy tokens from the Handy Pick app. From this app, you need to copy your wallet address and paste it in the HandyPick app while


Enter Handy Pick Referral Code 20226CERNB on sign up on Handy Pick & get Rs.275 bonus for using our & share your Handypick referral code 2022 with your friends. When anybody joins using your referral code, then you will get an Rs.10 bonus and your referral friend get Rs.275.

Contact Customer Care:

Email: hello@handypick.io

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