How to Create a Website on Google: Earn Money from Website

Want to Build a Website: Learn How to create a Website on Google


Hello guys, Welcome to khabar4u. Guys if you want to build a website, it can be a blogging site, shopping site, news site, business site, or anything. Read this article and follow all instructions step by step to own and run the website. I am going to explain everything like how to create a website on google? how to build a website? What should you do first to build a website? Create your own website.

I will explain all the key points to create a website. Read the article and follow the steps one by one.

The Requirement to Create a Website:

I will explain every step one by one in a detailed manner. I will share my experience and “How I created my website?” with you.

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Buy Domain.

Buying a Domain is the first step towards building/creating a website. You may ask:

What is a domain?

The domain name is the address of your website that users will type in URL or search on google to find your website. It is simply the web address of your website. Like khabar4u. in is my website address, you can search anywhere and can get my website. 

How to Buy a Domain?

What should be the name of the Domain?

The domain can be bought from any domain service provider like BigRock, Godaddy and etc. The question is what should be the name of the domain. Keep in mind the domain name can be anything like your company name, your name, the name of your services, and etc.

One more important thing is Domain Extension like .in, .com, .org, .net, .wiki, and etc. You can buy any domain extension but my suggestion will be that you should buy .com and .in domain.

I bought my domain name from BigRock. I will recommend you to buy Domain from BigRock. You may think why I recommending BigRock to you, one and only big reason is that BigRock Provides Domain at a cheap rate. Other Domain Providers add lots of charges while checkout but BigRock will not do this.

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Buy Domain Hosting

Buying Hosting is the most important step of Website Building.

What is hosting?

Hosting is the allocation of space on a web server for a website to store its files, to make it online visible 24*7 all over the Internet.  Web hosting makes the files that comprise a website (code, images, etc.)

How to Buy Domain Web Hosting?

You can buy the Web Hosting from any hosting provider. It is not necessary to buy the domain and hosting from the same provider. There are lots of hosting providers available like Vapourhost, BigRock, WordPress, and etc.

I am using Vapourhost Web Hosting Services and I will recommend you to buy hosting from Vapourhost or BigRock. Vapourhost Provides the cheapest hosting service, it takes a minimum charge for a starter website builder. For More Offer, You can use my Referral for Vapouhost Click Here.


Connect Website Builder: Publishing Website

Now you are an owner of the domain and you have hosting also, now you can launch your website after building(designing) website. You can buy any website builder but my suggestion will be that you should install WordPress to maintain the website.

WordPress is a free Website Content Management System. Install WordPress on your site.

For more help feel to comment or email. We would love to hear you. Thanks for your patience. Share with your friends and people who want to build the website.

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