How to create Microsoft Account

How to create Microsoft Account?

microsoft account

Hi Friends, here you will find easy ways to create Microsoft Account. You will find features of Microsoft account and its benefits in daily uses and how you can make your work easy with Microsoft facilities?

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Microsoft is a very famous software and information technology company.

Microsoft provides many facilities in free some of these are given below:-

  1. Email Services(Outlook),
  2. Cloud Storage (Onedrive),
  3. Video Calling Facility (skype),
  4. Windows Operating System for Computers,
  5. Mobile phone OS(Microsoft Lumia) and etc.

Follow these step by step to create Microsoft Account in Desktop.

  1. First click on this link you will redirected to Microsoft sign up page CLICK HERE
  2. Write the new Email ID of your choice like
  3. Create your Password.create Microsoft account
  4. Write your Full Name
  5. Write Given Captcha
  6. You will be redirected to your Microsoft Account.

Q.How to get free Cloud Storage?

  1. Click on This Link
  2. Sign In with your Microsoft account
  3. Write Your Outlook Email ID
  4. Write Your Email ID Password
  5. You will be redirected to your one drive page
  6. Here you will get 5 GB Cloud Storage
  7. Enjoy your Cloud Storage

Q.How to use Onedrive?

  1. Onedrive is the cloud storage of Microsoft company.
  2. Install Onedrive in your Device
  3. Sign In Onedrive app with your outlook email id
  4. You can use onedrive account to upload your all data
  5. Upload Images from your device and keep it safe.
  6. All private files and documents you can upload to onedrive to keep it safe


Go to your Microsoft Email by clicking here.

Outlook Email Service is one of the best email services nowadays.  Outlook account is used for Email Services. It’s a very secure Email ID.

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