How to Create rediffmail account

Create Rediffmail Account

Hi guys, are you excited to know how to create rediffmail account?

Rediffm@il account

Rediffmail is one of the best world premiere online providers of news, entertainment, communication, and shopping facilities. Rediffmail usees also able to send a single email size up to 10 megabytes to anyone.

Whether you are in the office or anywhere, the Rediffmail app now enables you to read and respond to mail, add contacts, set reminders to the calendar, search for mails, and view and save attachments.

How to create Rediffmail account?

For creating a rediffmail account, you have to follow these steps:-

Step1-Click on this icon given below


Download rediffmail app

  1. Password must contain a mix of upper and lower case character
  2. •  Password must contain at least 1 special

Form to creating rediffmail account

Step5- enter your mobile number

Step6- enter alternative email ID

Step7- choose your country and city

Step8- Then, type the code shown in the image

Step9-Finally, click on create my account.

After this process, one new page will appear

Then enter you OTP sent to your entered mobile number and click on verify.


Now, your rediffmail account will open.

How to change password of rediffmail account?

Step 1- Click on the menu button

Step 2-Click on the setting

Step 3-Then, click on change password and enter your password

Step 4- Fill up your new password  and Re-type it again

Step 5- Write the code shown in the given image and save it.

Step 6-you have successfully changed your password.


If you also want to make a Microsoft Account click here

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