MGTask App Download [apk]: Referral Code – Earn Unlimited Money

MGTask App Download: Signup and get ₹90 Instant | MG Task Referral Code: Withdraw ₹120 in just 2 days (Proof Added)

Hello Friends, Welcome to khabar4u. In this post, we will introduce you to a task-based earning app, Mgtask App. Complete very easy tasks and earn money. Mg Task App Download, Mgtask apk download. Earn ₹120 Instant Read all information below on how to earn money and withdraw money. mgtask invite code, mg task invite code, mgtask referral code, mg task referral code, Mgtask invite code, mg task earning app, mg task invitation id, mg task register, mg task earning app, mg task real or fake.

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Complete Task on MGtask:

  • Like Youtube Videos
  • Like Facebook Posts
  • Earn ₹5 Min Per Task.
  • Min ₹80 Per Referral.

Mgtask App Download: MGTask Invitation ID

Download Mg task Earning App and complete daily tasks to earn money. Recharge for VIP membership to earn more money. Use MG Task Invitation Code as 1805708.

Mg task App Download (apk)Download
Mgtask App Referral Code1805708
Signup Bonus₹90
Referral BonusMin ₹80 Per Refer
How to earn?Complete Tasks
Mgtask Invitation ID / Code1805708

NOTE:- If you are not a VIP member, then don’t invite anyone. Else, your account will be suspended. Recharge to get more benefits and earn more.

How to Register on Mgtask App?

  • Open and Register on Mgtask –Click Here.MGtask app download
  • You will automatically get MG Task Invitation Id.
  • Otherwise, Enter Mg Task Invitation Id: 1805708.
  • Enter Username.
  • Enter Phone Number.
  • Apply Captcha.
  • Verify Mobile number with OTP.
  • Create Password.

How to Earn Money from MGTask?

Tutorial Task YouTube or FaceBook

1. Deposit to become a Task Member.
2. Click [Receive Task] in the System.
3. Get YouTube and FaceBook videos/post links.
4. Redirect to the video/post link.
5. Like the video/post, Take a screenshot.
6. Go back to the System and upload the screenshot.
7. The System will automatically do the review and issue the Mission Bonus.Earn Money from Mgtask

Benefits of VIP Member-

mgtask app


You don’t need to recharge, you can get 3 tasks for free every day, each task is 5 INR, and the daily income is 15 INR. The experience period is 3 days.
VIP 1:

You need to recharge 500 INR, you can get 3 tasks every day, one task is 6 INR, daily income is 18 INR, you can recoup the cost in 28days, and the task commission you earn afterward is pure profit. You can earn 540 INR in one month and 6480 INR in one year.
VIP 2:

You need to recharge 900 INR, you can get 5 tasks a day, one task is 7.2 INR, and the daily income is 36 INR, and you can recover the cost within 25 days. The commission for the tasks you earn afterward is pure profit. You can earn 1080 INR in one month and 12960 INR in one year.

You need to recharge 1800 INR, you can get 10 tasks a day, one task needs 7.3 INR, and your daily income is 73 INR. You can recover the cost within 25 days. The commission for the tasks you earn afterward is pure profit. You can earn 2160 INR in one month and 25920 INR in one year.

You need to recharge 3000 INR, you can get 17 tasks every day, one task is 7.4 INR, and the daily income is 125.8 INR. You can recover the cost within 24 days. The commission for the tasks you earn afterward is pure profit. You can get a profit of 3564 INR in one month and 42768 INR in a year.

NOTE:-You will also get a commission by referring friends.

Refer and Earn from MG Task

  • Register on MG Task.
  • Do any Recharge and become a VIP member.
  • Invite Friends and family members.
  • Ask them to do recharge and earn according to their recharge amount.
  • Min Recharge is ₹500 and Min Referral cash is ₹80.

How to withdraw ₹120 from Mgtask App (Proof Added)

Here I will tell you how to withdraw ₹120 from the MGTask app in just 2 days. Follow the below steps carefully. Do As soon as possible any time they can stop doing payments (saying on experience).

  • First of all, Register on Mgtask App.
  • Download Mgtask App and Install the app.
  • Login with the same user credentials.
  • After that, you will get ₹90 in your wallet.
  • Complete first-day tasks (3Task).
  • You will get ₹15 after completing 3 tasks.
  • Now you have ₹105.
  • On the next day do 3 tasks of that day.
  • Now you will have ₹120 now.
  • Now Add Bank Account and create your payment Password.
  • Go to your wallet and withdraw your money.
  • After deduction of 15% commission, you will get ₹102 in your bank account.
  • Congratulations you earn ₹102 rupees.

Proof of Money Withdrawal

payment proof of mgtask app

How to set payment password and bank account?

  • Go to me option.
  • In Personal info, you will get all options.
  • Open the ‘Bank Account’ option and save your account details.
  • create Payment Password.

Withdrawal Record of User with Recharge of only ₹500.

mg task app download

How to Invite Friends (Invite only, if you are a VIP member)?

Invite Friends Tutorial

Go to the ‘Me’ page and click the ‘Invite Friends’ button to enter the sharing page, click ‘Invite Friends Now’ to share the registration link, or take a screenshot and share the QR code in the picture format
1. Click on Me.
2. Go to the Invite friends option.
3. Click ‘Invite Friends Now’, screenshot, and share the QR code.
4. Complete the registration and automatically becoming the referee of the referrer.

Terms & Conditions

  • All the above information is taken from the MGTask app.
  • khabar4u is not responsible for any changes in the task.
  • We are not responsible for anything about the MGTask app.

MG Task App Real or Fake

MG Task App is working fine at present time and looks real app. Up to now, there is no problem but no one can guarantee about this app. This type of app can stop working anytime. Be Safe and Earn. Don’t Invest More, try to recover invested money as soon as possible. Play on the safe side. 


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