Need Of Cybersecurity: Short Article On Cybersecurity.

Short Oral Presentation on Need of Cybersecurity.

Hi Guys, Welcome to the Khabar4u blog. In this blog, you will get a short Article on the Need of Cybersecurity. In schools, colleges you may get to prepare a presentation, article, speech, essay on the Need of Democracy. Read this post, and get an idea of how to make a presentation or write an article on the Need of Cybersecurity.Need of Cybersecurity.

Need of Cybersecurity and What is Cybersecurity?

I will share my presentation on the topic “The Need of Cybersecurity”.

First, we should know What is Cybersecurity?

Cybersecurity is a practice of defending electronic gadgets, networks, data, from malpractice and malicious attacks. It is basically a way to prevent data from cyberthreats.

Now the world runs mostly over the network. We are doing lots of our work via the internet like Banking, Shopping, Data Management, Business Management, even we keep our personal information on the internet for easy access at any point.

That is why we need Cybersecurity.

Data breaches can cause leak of your privacy, you may lose your money, you can be targeted according to your personal data.

Like we need locks in the house to protect the house from thieves in the same way we need cybersecurity for the data we keep on the internet.

Cyberattacks are of many types- Phishing, Malware, etc.

Mostly Cyberattacks are done by practicing Phishing. Phishing is like inducing people and try to collect their data, it is basically making a fool.

Phishing shares 62% of cyberattacks over worldwide.

95% of cyber attacks caused due to human errors.

In the last year 2022, the cyberattacks cost about 4$ million dollars.

We must have knowledge of cybersecurity, not more but to some extent for our uses.

The best way to be prevented from cyberattacks is that do not open any link or install any applications which are not useful or not from a trusted supplier.

Always check credibility before sharing any data with others.

Thank you.

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