Qureka Referral Code 2022: Play Games&Quiz – Earn Free Paytm Cash

Use Qureka Referral Code & Earn Free Paytm Cash: Play Games and Quiz

Hello guys, welcome to our site khabar4u. In this post, we will tell you about the most interesting earning app which is the Qureka app. You can earn money from the Qureka Referral Code 2022, by playing games, playing quizzes, doing predictions, and playing word power. Use Qureka Referral Code and get an exciting bonus.

Qureka is a fun-based trivia destination where you can play live quiz shows & other quiz contests in over 25 categories just for free. Qureka features quizzes every half an hour from 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM so you can play at your preferable time! We’ve got loads of different quiz formats – Back to School, Memory Quiz, Trail Mail Quiz, and much more.

Qureka App is an Online earning app, you can earn money by playing games, quizzes, spinning a wheel, referring friends, etc. There are different types of games, all you can find in the Qureka app. If you have free time and you are in search of money you can play games and earn money for your expenses.Qureka referral code

Qureka Referral Code 2022

Use Qureka Referral Code is RAJKR529596.Use Referral Code and get a Bonus in Qureka Wallet.

Qureka Referral CodeRAJKR529596/ DOWNLOAD
Sign Up Bonus Random Bonus
Referral Bonus₹ 10
Download Qureka AppClick Here

Enter Qureka referral code as RAJKR529596. Play trivia quizzes in over 25 categories & test your knowledge.

What is Qureka?

Qureka is a fun-based trivia destination where you can play live quiz shows & other quiz contests in over 25 categories just for free. It features quizzes every half an hour from 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM so you can play at your preferable time!!

Qureka is completely free and at no point do we ask users to pay us for playing a game, there is no gambling involved when you play games on Qureka. Generally, all the quizzes will be free to join, but there will be special quiz games that will require coins to join the game. So keeping sufficient coins in your wallet is recommended at all times.

Qureka lets you test your knowledge and earn coins by doing some real fun brain led activities:

1. Playing daily live quiz shows (15+ shows daily)

2. Playing hourly quizzes every hour across categories like GK, Sports, and more

3. Playing cricket quizzes & exam prep quizzes

Install Qureka App follow these steps:

  1. Install Qureka App from this link CLICK HERE.
  2. After Successful Installation Sign In With Mobile Number.Qureka Sign In
  3. Enter your Name.
  4. Fill up your Email ID.
  5. Click on proceed.
  6. Your account is created successfully.
  7. Use qureka referral Code-RAJKR529596.

Earn Money From Qureka App

1. Refer and Earn

Refer this app to your friends and relatives and ask them to use your referral code.

  1. Send your referral code to your friends and relatives.
  2. Ask them to use your referral code.
  3. When your friend installs the Qureka app by your invite code.
  4. You will earn 10 Rs in your wallet.Qureka Referral Code
  5. You will get friends half income from their earnings from games.
  6. Withdraw All money from your wallet to your Paytm account.
  7. All money can be withdrawn instantly at a time.Qureka Withdraw

2. Play Quizzes to earn money

Quizzes to earn money in Qureka app in very easy ways and transfer to the Paytm account.

  1. Play quizzes to earn money.
  2. There are many types of quizzes available in the Qureka app.
  3. GK Quizzes, History Quizzes, Sports Quizzes, Films, and Celeb Quizzes, Business Quizzes, Image Quizzes, Cricket Quizzes and etc.Qureka Referral Code
  4. Earn money by playing these types of all quizzes.
  5. A prediction game is also available there. Predict about youtube channels, games, and cricket scores, and earn lots of monies.
  6. And can earn money from word power games also.Qureka games
  7. And withdraw money from your wallet.

Know how to Play?

To know more about refer and earn apps click here.

How To Redeem Your Earning in Qureka App

1) First Of All, Open the Qureka App.

2) Now On The App Dashboard Click On Winning Option -> Referral Earning -> Transfer.

3) You Will Get Paytm Cash In Your Wallet Within 48 Hours.

4) Minimum Redeem Is Rs.30.

So use the Qureka App Invite code to get Free Life and play quiz using the Qureka App Invite code. You can Earn Paytm Cash also by referring Qureka App referral code and when your Friend uses your Qureka App invite code to play a quiz you will get Rs 10 Paytm Cash.

So, friends, you all are requested to please share this page as much as you can. If you share this post with your friends and relatives then they can also know how to earn money from the Qureka App and earn money from quizzes.

Rules of Qureka Quiz

Live Quiz Rules

1. You get 10 questions per game. Answer each question within 10 seconds.

2. There are 3 answer options for each question.

3. Click the right option within 10 seconds.

4. Answer all questions correctly in time to win.

5. You can watch videos too for earning coins.

6. In case of no winners, the prize pool gets rolled over to the next game.

7. Coins save you from elimination.

8. 30 coins will get automatically applied in case of 1st wrong answer.

9. Coins will not get applied in the last question.

10. You can also play Mini-Quiz to earn more coins.

*Rules of Main Quiz
  • You will get 10 questions per quiz.
  • Answer each question within 10 seconds.
  • There are 3 answer options for each question.
  • You must click the right option within 10 seconds.
  • Answer all 10 questions correctly in the given time to win.
  • The prize pool of coins is then split equally amongst all winners.
  • In case of no winners, the prize pool of coins gets rolled over to the next game.
  • If you get eliminated, use life to continue playing.
  • Play Mini Quiz and invite friends to earn Lives.
  • Coins can be used only till the 8th question. Coins get applied automatically.
*Rules of Mini Quiz
  • You get 3 questions per game to answer correctly.
  • Answer the questions within 10 seconds or u get eliminated.
  • For every right answer, you will get 10 coins.
  • You can use these coins during the Main Live Quiz & for other special entry games.

Coins Prize distribution:

At the end of every game, Qureka will announce the winners. The Prize can be in form of Qureka Coins.

Kindly check the Prize matrix and participation rules before joining any Quiz contest.

Qureka Coins are used as virtual currency and can be used only for participating in the quiz contests and will be maintained in the Coins wallet. At no point, these coins are converted into cash prize money.

If the company suspects any abusive activity around any of its programs including but not limited to the – Daily contest, participation, or winning, the company will have the sole discretion to take appropriate measures including blocking the user.

In case of any fraudulent activities detected from your end to disrupt, manipulate or hinder the right usage of Qureka & its services, the company holds the right to terminate your access to the product without notice.

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