SO Full Form In India Post Tracking: Dispatched to SO Means

SO Full Form in Indis Post: Dispatched to SO/BO Means

Hello Friends, Welcome to khabar4u. In this post, we will provide details of words used in the India Post. SO Full Form in India Post, Dispatched to SO Means, SO Full Form, BO Full Form, BO Full Form in India post, Dispatched to BO Means. Read this article to understand all abbreviations used in India Post.

India Post is India’s largest postal government unit. Mostly all of the Bank Letters, Documents, ATM Cards, Cheques Delivery, and any Important Post from any company always prefer India Post.

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SO Full Form: India Post

India Post is a government department of post and courier agency established on 1 October 1854. India Post Provides facilities of Speed Post, International Courier Facility, India Post Payment Bank, Money Transfer, Money Order and etc.

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SO Full Form & Meaning of Dispatched to SO

SO Full Form is Sub Office. BO (Branch Office) comes under SO. Sub office is an upper-level office than a branch office. BO is your Post Office mentioned in the address and SO is the sub-level office of your branch office. SO Full Form in India Post

1. SO (Dispatched to SO Means)

SO is branch Office of India Post, under which BO comes. It is a Subdivision of the Post Office branch of your area PIN Code.


If your item is dispatched to SO then your item is just  2 levels far. As you can see in the image BO (Samukhiya) is the last step and SO(Amarpur) is the second last step.

2. BO (Dispatched to BO Means)

Full-Form of BO in term of Post Office is Boarding Office. BO is the post office branch near your address or Post Office mentioned in the Delivery Address. All  BO comes under SO. When any courier comes to BO then after it will come directly to your home within a few days.

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SO Full Form in Post Office 

The SO full form in Post Office is Sub Office. It is a type of post office that is subordinate to the Head Post office. SO always works under the HO post office. 
Monetary transactions of Sub Post Office are incorporated in the accounts of the latter office. The office in charge of a SO is designated a Sub Postmaster.
A SO post office situated in a town or its suburbs where there is also a Head Office is termed a town sub-office.
Sub Post Office (SO) is an operational unit located in urban as well as rural areas which report to the Head Post office. SO provides mail booking services, banking services, remittance services, and insurance services. It incorporates the account of BOs placed under it and also supplies and receives funds. SOs are classified based on the number of staff. They are HSG SO, LSG SO, A class SO, B class SO, and C class SOs.

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