Today Khatabook Daily Quiz Answers: Earn Up To ₹1000 Daily KB Quiz

Today’s Khatabook Quiz Answers: Answer Quiz and Earn ₹1000

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Guys as you know Khatabook is one of the best account managing apps. Khatabook started a daily quiz for their registered users. Their registered users can play KB quiz and earn up to ₹1000. The time limit for answering all questions is 60 seconds.

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Get Daily Khatabook Quiz Answers Here. KB Today Quiz Answers. Answer all questions correctly about Khatabook daily and3 get offers from Khatabook. Details About Quiz See Below.Khatabook Quiz Answers

Quiz Name Khatabook Quiz/KB Quiz
Quiz Date 10 Sep 2021
Quiz Time 12 PM to 4 PM
No. of questions 3 Questions
Time Limit 60 Seconds
Winner Announcement Date Same Day at 7 PM
Mandatory Khatabook User
Khatabook Quiz Prize Up to ₹1000 

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Today Khatabook Quiz Answers: 10 Sep 2021.

Q 1.  

Ans- Vijay Laxmi Pandit.

Q 2. 

Ans- Salim Ali.

Q 3. 

Ans- Chandragupta Mourya.

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Documents Needed for Khatabook Quiz Winner.

Some documents are needed to claim the prize of Khatabook if you are a winner of the KB Quiz. All documents and requirements are mentioned below.

  1. Complete Postal Address with PIN Code.
  2. Photograph.
  3. Age Proof.
  4. Residence Proof.
  5. Proof of Identity.
  6. PAN Card.

Terms & Conditions of Khatabook Quiz

  • The Quiz is being conducted by Khatabook.
  • Entry Fee for Quiz is Free.
  • The First Prize is ₹1000 for Khatabook Quiz (KB Quiz).
  • The Prizes are non-transferable.
  • Winners will be announced at 7 PM on the same day as the KB quiz.
  • Khatabook reserves the right to cancel the quiz.
  • Winners will be notified by SMS.

Proof of Khatabook Quiz Winner

A KB user wins ₹20 in the Khatabook quiz he shares his screenshots in email and thanks us. If you are also winning please comment.

  • Check your Play Quiz Section Daily after 7 pm.
  • You will see there your prize.
  • Click on collect now.
  • Link your account.
  • Withdraw your amount and it will be deposited in your bank account.
  • Usually, it takes only a few minutes to transfer money.Khatabook Quiz Winner

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*Past Date Question Answers

Today Khatabook Quiz Answers: 21 March 2021

Q 1. Which is the first soft drink sent to space?

Ans- Coca-Cola.

Q 2. How many consonants are there in the English Alphabet?

Ans- 24.

Q 3. In India, how do people traditionally eat their food?

Ans- With, Right Hand.

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Today Khatabook Quiz Answers: 01 March 2021

Q 1. The Salal Project is on the river

Ans-  Chenab.

Q 2. The only zone in the country that produces gold is also rich in iron is

Ans-  Southern zone.

Q 3. Which article in Indian constitution represents “Protection of interests of Minorities”?

Ans- Article 29.


Today Khatabook Quiz Answers: 21 Feb 2021

Q 1. First Woman President of UN General Assembly was-

Ans- Vijay Laxmi Pandit.

Q 2. Who is known as the “birdman of India”?

Ans- Salim Ali.

Q 3. Which ruler is credited for the spread of Jainism in Karnataka?

Ans- Chandragupta Mourya.

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Khatabook Quiz Answers: 15 Feb 2021

Q 1. Which state has the largest state?

Ans- Rajasthan.

Q 2. Which state has the largest population?

Ans- Uttar Pradesh.

Q 3. ———- is celebrated by Christians as the birth of Jesus Christ.

Ans- Christmas Day.

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Khatabook Quiz Answers: 14 Feb 2021

Q 1. The Monument of love “Taj Mahal” was built by:

Ans- Shahjahan.

Q 2. Valentine’s day celebration started by:

Ans- Roman.

Q 3. What do red Roses symbolize?

Ans- Love.

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Khatabook Quiz Answers: 09 Feb 2021

Q 1. Who has returned his Padma Vibhushan Award in protest to the Farm Bills?

Ans- Parkash Singh Badal.

Q 2. Who among the following has created the Logo of the Aadhar Card?

Ans- Atul Sudhakarro Pandey.

Q 3. Who is the Fortune’s Businessperson of the year 2020?

Ans- Elon Musk.

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Khatabook Quiz Answers: 06 Feb 2021

Q 1. When is the Earth Day celebrated?

Ans- 22nd April.

Q 2. Press Freedom Day is celebrated on

Ans- May 3.

Q 3. June 20 is celebrated as

Ans- Fathers Day.


Khatabook Quiz Answers: 04 Feb 2021

Q 1. The average of the first 10 even numbers is?

Ans- 11.

Q 2. In Banking terminology, NPA Means

Ans- Non-Performing Asset.

Q 3. ‘Sugam’ is a scheme launched for

Ans- Small tax payers.


Khatabook Quiz Answers: 03 Feb 2021

Q 1. Who was established the first cotton mill in Bombay.

Ans- Cowasjee Nanabhoy.

Q 2. In which year the Bombay High Court was established

Ans- 1862.

Q 3. Marathi Language Day is Celebrated on

Ans- 27th February.

Khatabook Quiz Answers: 31 Jan 2021

Q 1. What Indian city is the capital of two states?

Ans- Chandigarh.

Q 2. How many countries border India?

Ans- 7.

Q 3. Which of these is not a river of India?

Ans- Mekong.


Khatabook Quiz Answers: 29 Jan 2021

Q 1. The present forest area of India, according to satellite data is

Ans- Decreasing.

Q 2. The head quarters of Sahitya Akademi is at

Ans- New Delhi.

Q 3. The India’s highest annual rainfall is reported at

Ans- Mawsynram, Meghalaya.

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Khatabook Quiz Answers: 26 Jan 2021

Q 1. Who is popularly known as “FATHER OF INDIAN CONSTITUTION”?

Ans- DR. BR Ambedkar

Q 2. Who Was the first president to hoist the flag on 26th Jan.

Ans- DR. Rajendra Prasad

Q 3. Which of these awards presented during the Republic day parade?

Ans- National Bravery Award



Khatabook Quiz Answers: 25 Jan 2021

Q 1. The Paithan (Jayakwadi) Hydro-electric project, completed with the help of Japan, is on the river

Ans- Godavari.

Q 2. The pass located at the southern end of the Nilgiri Hills in south India is called

Ans-   The Palghat Gap.

Q 3. Which of the following folk dance forms is associated with Gujarat?

Ans- Garba.


Khatabook Quiz Answers: 24 Jan 2021

Q 1. “Natya-Shastra” the main source of India’s classical dances was written by

Ans- Bharat Muni.

Q 2. “Dandia” is a poupular dance of

Ans-  Gujarat.

Q 3. The Words “Satyamav Jayate” inscribed below the base plate of the emblem of India are taken from

Ans- Mundak Upanishad.


Khatabook Quiz Answers: 23 Jan 2021

Q 1. ——— is the second largest lagoon in India.

Ans- Pulicat.

Q 2. Vaikom Muhammad Basheer is fondly remembered as the

Ans- Beypore Sultan.

Q 3. Who was the First Chief Minister of Kerala?

Ans- EMS Namboodiripad.


Khatabook Quiz Answers: 22 Jan 2021

Q 1. Red data book contains

Ans- Rare Plants and animals under threat.

Q 2. The Nehru Trophy Boat Race is held in ——- lake.

Ans- Punnamada.

Q 3. Which of the following dance is not a major in Kerala?

Ans- Yakshagana.


Khatabook Quiz Answers: 20 Jan 2021

Q 1.Hindi Diwas is celebrated on:

Ans- 14th September

Q 2. Khatabook has which of the following features:

Ans- All of these

Q 3.World Food Day is celebrated on:

Ans-16th Oct


17 Jan 2021

Q 1. Kumar Gandharva award of MP is associated with

Ans- Music.

Q 2. Laho and Baagla are popular folk dances of:

Ans- Meghalaya.

Q 3.Naropa is an annual festival of:

Ans-  Ladakh.


Khatabook Quiz Answers: 16 Jan 2021

Q 1. Which among the following is India’s first Expressway?

Ans- Mumbai-Pune Expressway.

Q 2. Brahmagiri Wildlife Sanctuary (BWS) is located in:

Ans- Karnatka.

Q 3. Rani Jhansi Marine National Park (RJMNP) is located in:

Ans-  Andaman and Nicobar Islands.


Khatabook Quiz Answers: 14 Jan 2021

Q 1. What is the Full form of DRDO?

Ans  Defence Research&Development Organisation.

Q 2.Which of the Punjab river is not a part of Punjab?

Ans- Kaveri

Q 3. Which is the most popular game of Punjab?

Ans-  Kabaddi


Today Khatabook Quiz Answers: 12 Jan 2021

Q 1. Which of the following states has the lowest literacy rate in India.

Ans- Andhra Pradesh.

Q 2.  Red Data Book contains

Ans- Rare Plants and Animals under threat.

Q 3.  The playing time(in seconds) of full version of the Indian National Anthem is

Ans- 52.


Khatabook Quiz Answers: 11 Jan 2021

Q 1. Where did Mahatma Gandhi establish the Sabarmati Ashram in 1916?

Ans- Ahemdabad.

Q 2. The Lakshadweep island situated in

Ans-  Arabian Sea.

Q 3. Where is the Indian Forest Research institute Located?

Ans- Dehradun.


Khatabook Quiz Answers: 10 Jan 2021

Q 1. When did Swami Vivekanand established the Ramakrishna Mission?

Ans- 1897.

Q 2. When did Gandhi launched the civil disobedience movement?

Ans- 1930.

Q 3. How many official languages are currently mentioned in the constitution?

Ans- 22.


Khatabook Quiz Answers: 09 Jan 2021

Q 1. Who has authored the famous book ‘Geeta Rahasya’?

Ans- Bal Gangadhar Tilak.

Q 2. Who composed Humayun Nama?

Ans-  Gulabdan Begum.

Q 3.  “Swaraj is our right to birth” the slogan was given by whom?

Ans- Bal Gangadhar Tilak.



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