Wazirx Referral Code 2022: Earn 50% Lifetime Commission

Wazirx Referral Code: India’s Best Crypto Trading Platform | Earn 50% Referral Income of Trading Fee

Hello Friend, Welcome to khabar4u. In this post, we will share about one of the most famous and popular Cryptocurrency Trading App that is Wazirx App. Read this full post to know about all features of the Wazirx App and know how to use and earn from Wazirx App. You will get here Wazirx Referral Code, Wazirx Referral Code 2022, Wazirx Refer & Earn, Wazirx Signup Process, How to Withdraw and Deposit Money in Wazirx App.

Wazirx builds an exchange that will bring anyone who believes in crypto to join the digital cryptocurrency revolution. The world is moving on to this revolution at an unprecedented pace. Now is your time. With WazirX you can buy, sell & trade digital currencies with amazing ease, confidence and trust. Whether you’re a first time investor or a professional trader – WazirX has got you both covered!wazirx referral code

After launching WazirX, people feel safe and secure with payment and buy or sell bitcoin, Ripple, Litecoin, Ethereum, and many other cryptocurrencies, By the app, you can earn unlimited money. In this article today I am going to explain to you how to trade, how to buy Bitcoin, How to add money in Wazirx, how to open an account in Wazirx etc. 

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Use Wazirx Referral Code: cradafn3. Signup using Wazirx Referral Code and Refer also to earn 50% Referral Income Lifetime.

The Indian Government is not going to ban cryptocurrency. So why are you waiting to invest in crypto? Start Investing and Trading now. 

Wazirx Referral Code is cradafn3 use our referral code during signup. Share your Wazirx Referral Code to earn a 50% lifetime commission.

Wazirx Referral Code:

Wazirx Referral Code 2022 cradafn3
Wazirx Referral Code cradafn3
Signup Bonus NA
Referral Bonus 50% Lifetime Commission on Trade Fee
App Type Crypto Trading/Investment App
Wazirx App Download / Referral Link Download

Enter Wazirx Referral Code 2022 is cradafn3 to signup and earn a chance to get cryptocurrency. Use our Wazirx Referral Code while signup and referring your code also earn unlimited referral income.

WazirX Crypto App Features:

  • Buy Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies by instantly depositing INR via UPI or IMPS.
  • WazirX P2P is a simple-to-use peer-to-peer platform that lets you buy USDT using Indian Rupees on the WazirX app.
  • You can trade 250+ cryptocurrency tokens in highly liquid INR, WRX, USDT, and BTC crypto markets.
  • WazirX is a platform already used and trusted by first-time investors and professional traders. Our crypto app provides best-in-class security.
  • The WazirX platform has the highest liquidity in the INR market in India.
  • The platform facilitates the lowest withdrawal fee in India, starting from zero.
  • WazirX offers advanced crypto trading features like TradingView, advanced chart trading, and Stop Limit orders.
  • The exchange has the world’s first auto-matching P2P crypto engine with high liquidity.
  • You can instantly move funds between your WazirX and Binance wallets for a nominal fee.

How to Signup in Wazirx App?

1. First of all download the Wazirx App. Download Now

2. Open Wazirx App on your phone and click on the Signup Button.Wazirx Signup

3. Enter Email Address.

4. Enter Password and Confirm Password by retyping it.

5. Click on Referral Code.

6. Apply Wazirx Referral Code: cradafn3.

7. Accept Terms & Conditions.

8. Click on Signup.

9. Now just verify your Email ID by clicking on the verification link.

10. Next, choose Mobile SMS Security.

11. Now Enter your mobile number and Verify it with a one-time password (OTP).

12. Now, at last, select your country and click on the skip option.

13. To withdraw your money you need to complete KYC, it will take a few hours to verify your account.

How to Deposit Money in Wazirx Using UPI

1. Open the Wazirx app.

2. Now Click on Funds in the bottom barWazirx deposit money

3. Under Indian Rupee, Click on the Deposit buttonWazirx referral code

4. Click on the Instant Deposit (Net banking)

5. Enter the amount you wish to deposit and click on Continue.

6. Next, you will be redirected to your bank’s Net Banking login page.

7. Enter the net banking User ID and Password and after successful login, you can proceed by approving the transaction.

8. After successful transfer, it may take up to 24 hours for the deposit to get successfully credited to your WazirX account. Most deposits happen in a much shorter time (even 1 hour).

Waxirx Refer and Earn Program:

Wazirx is providing a Wazirx referral program to their users and also giving a 50% commission on referral trade fees. After seeing earning chances users refer to Wazirx and earn unlimited. Why are you waiting for? Join Wazirx Now and Start Trading in Crypto and start earning alongside with Wazirx Referral Program.

Given below are the steps to refer Wazirx App:

1. Open Wazirx App.

2. Sign in using your email Id and Password, If done then skip.

3. Click on the setting button on the top left side of the page.

4. You will see the Invite and Earn Option, go to that option.

5. After opening you will see your Referral Link.

6. There will be Wazirx Referral Code too.

7. Share your Wazirx Referral Code and earn a 50% Commission lifetime.

How to Refer & Earn in Wazirx?

  1. Open Your Wazirx App
  2. Go to Setting Section
  3. Click on the Invite & Earn section
  4. Now, Share your referral link via Facebook, Whatsapp, Telegram, etc.Wazirx Refer & Earn

Note:- From Refer & Earn you will get 50% of the trading fee paid by your friends as a reward.

How to Withdraw from Wazirx?

  1. Open the Wazirx App
  2. On the Home Screen, Tap on the Funds tab
  3. Tap on Indian Rupee, Tap on the Withdraw buttonWaxirx withdraw option
  4. If you have already linked your Bank account, this step will be skipped. If not, Link your bank account by entering your Bank details. (Read more – Adding your Bank Account details to WazirX)
  5. Enter the Amount & Optional Remarks and tap Withdraw.

How to purchase crypto using WazirX?

  • The very first step to purchasing crypto using WazirX is that you register with WazirX and complete your KYC online. Not a difficult task, it’s all digital, you just have to click the photo of your documents and finally a selfie to complete your WazirX registration. Do not forget to apply the referral code while registering to support us.
  • Once your WazirX account is ready, you should also consider protecting your account with biometrics and a PIN on password login. Always keep in mind, Not your private key, not your crypto.
  • In India, WazirX is facing a big challenge in that Indian banks are not giving support to crypto exchanges with UPI. At the moment, all the crypto exchanges in India are facing this crisis and we hope soon WazirX will scale the platform with more advanced features and agile payment methods.
  • You can either deposit funds via P2P methods, IMPS, NEFT, or UPI to your INR wallet and start trading on WazirX. They also support quick withdrawal to your bank. In case you’re planning to deposit money via IMPS or NEFT, do it only from your registered bank account on WazirX.

Benefits of trading with WazirX coupon

All in all, the WazirX user interface feels more suitable for users or beginners who simply like an easy and user-friendly crypto exchange to purchase Bitcoins.

  1. The trading fees, that is deposit and withdrawal fees are minimal in WazirX compared with its competitors in India.
  2. Many exchanges such as Coinswitch are not transparent and do not show the margin clearly to the user. Whereas, WazirX is transparent and real and gives the user the true cryptocurrency trading experience.
  3. When you transfer via P2P, there could be a charge and it is very common and much less than other exchanges in the market.
  4. The gas fee, network fee, taker fee, and maker fee are all decided by the blockchain that you’re trading. When you are using WazirX, you will realize you are paying the lowest fee and transaction charges.
  5. WazirX is a safe and secure space for storing your tokens, they have the best industry standards for security and are supported by Binance the global Industry leader in cryptocurrency.
  6. WazirX has the best referral program ever, you get a 50% referral bonus for inviting your friends with the WazirX referral code.

Important things to keep in mind

Please keep in mind the below rules when you participate in the WazirX Referral Program. These simple but important rules help us keep the program fair for the entire community.

  • Do not misrepresent rewards when sharing the referral link with your friends
  • We constantly look out for fake or duplicate accounts. If we find something amiss we will disqualify those accounts from being part of the referral program and withdraw any rewards that may have been credited earlier.

WazirX Referral program overview

  • WazirX has launched its signature referral program in 2018 and the early users of WazirX made a fortune from this referral program. The early benefits were super good and were 50WRX coins and a 100% trading fee from the referred person.
  • Later when WazirX grew big and the user base grew exceptionally, they had to cut down the referral benefits for the referred person.
  • Now the referred person is not eligible for any benefits. Only the person who refers people through the Wazirx referral code gets the benefits through the referral program.
  • The referee gets 50% of the trading fee forever from his referral network without any cap. The best part is that you can either withdraw the money to your account instantly or even trade with your referral earnings.
  • I’ve seen people who started WazirX from day one and are very loyal to the company and have referred thousands of people through the Wazirx referral code. They all have made a fortune by now and many are millionaires today.

Bank Account and UPI Verification in Wazirx

In order to facilitate smooth deposits and withdrawals of INR transactions, we verify the Bank account and UPI ID so that the transactions don’t get stuck/fail at the banking end.

Bank account and UPI verification is done automatically as soon as you link your Bank account with your WazirX account. You can link your Payment options by following Add/Change Payment details (Bank/UPI ID)

Kindly ensure that you have linked the bank account/UPI ID which is in your name only, the WazirX account name and the Bank account name need to match for successful verification.

If your Bank/UPI verification is under processing state then our team will manually verify the request and update the status. You will be notified via email as soon as the status is updated.

There are only two reasons why your Bank account/UPI might not get verified.

1) Incorrect Bank details linked. Here the bank account number or IFSC link is completely incorrect
2) Bank details are valid but the Name is mismatched. This means the Name on WazirX and the name on the Bank account is not matching.

You can remove the bank account/UPI ID and add the correct account again by following the Add/remove option.
Do note that Bank verification is mandatory to perform withdrawals on the platform, only after successful verification the withdrawal options will be enabled.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is Wazirx Indian Company?

Yes, Wazirx was founded in India and it is one of the best cryptocurrency exchanges in the country.

Q. Is Wazirx safe in India?

There might be many questions in your mind about Wazirx but I would like to clear your doubt. WazirX is a trusted and currently 100% safe company in India.

Q. How do I get WazirX Referral Code?

To get the Wazirx referral code, open the app and then open the menu and there you will see the Invite and Earn option, just click on it and you will get your own Wazirx app referral code. Enter our Wazirx Referral Code: cradafn3.

Q. How much can I earn in this trade commission program?

As much as you want. The earnings are truly unlimited! Every time your friend trades, you get 50% of his transaction fees in WRX. The more your referred friend trades, the more you earn. So help your friend make more trades every day and you will earn more commissions every day!

Q. Can I withdraw my money from the WazirX account to someone else’s bank account?

The withdrawal will only happen to the Bank account that you have linked to your WazirX account. The name on the Bank account that you link MUST match the name on your WazirX account.

Q. When will the commission be credited to my account?

All commissions earned for a day are credited to your account once every 24 hours. Usually early in the morning.

Q. How will referral commissions be paid?

From 15 August 2022, commissions will be paid in WRX irrespective of the currency in which the original trade occurred. Commissions earned before 15 August 2022 remain unaffected and will not be touched.

Q. Do you have any tips that will help me earn more rewards?

Share your invite link with as many friends as you can. The more friends you share it with, the more likely they are to sign up. Use social media, chat, and emails to share your invite link
Get your friends excited about crypto and why they need to sign up on an exchange like WazirX
Let your friends know about the benefits of signing up with your invite link instead of signing up directly
Encourage your friends to use their own referral links after they sign up. This will build their trust in you
Push your friends to trade every day. The more they trade, the more you earn.

Q. I referred a friend but I am not receiving commissions on his/her trades!

There are some reasons why even though you think you may have successfully referred a friend, that referral did not count –

  • Your friend clicked on your referral link but signed up through the app. The referral program does not currently support sign-ups through the Android or iOS apps.
  • Your friend did not click on your referral link and instead signed up directly on WazirX
  • Maybe Your friend clicked on another referral link and signed up with that link
  • Your friend’s KYC is still under verification or has been unapproved
  • You or your friend did not meet the rules below


Wazirx is India’s one of the best crypto exchange buy/sell platforms. Use Wazirx referral code: cradafn3 to signup. Refer your Wazirx referral code to earn a 50% trade fee limited from your referred user. You should run with time this time is for cryptocurrencies. Don’t miss this chance and start Investing or Trading. Best of Luck…

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