World Trip Dog Racer APK Download: Earn Free Paytm Cash

Dog Racer Trip APK Download/ World Trip APK Download: Dog Racer Trip App Invite Code

Hello Readers, Welcome to khabar4u. We have come up with a super-earning app that is Dog Racer Trip App. Earn Money by playing games and referring from the app. You will get a commission on each and every friend earned. Read this post to know more about World Trip App, World Trip Invite Code, Dog Racer Trip Invite Code, Refer and Earn, Earn Money Daily, World Trip Invite Code, and Dog Racer Trip Referral link. Download Dog Racer Trip APK, Dog Racer Trip App Download, World Tour App Download, World Tour apk Download.

A money-making dog is the only credential to share ads earnings of The World Walk. 20% of the ads earnings is distributed to all money-making dog owners equally, which means that a money-making dog is allocated with bonuses from the platform every day. 100,000 money-making dogs are available and 100 are produced every day until the ceiling. Early participants enjoy more advantages. The winners of a money-making dog will be announced online for maximum openness and transparency.

Dog Racer Trip APK Download:

Dog Racer Trip APK Download Download
World Tour APK Download Download
Version v1.1.3
App Type Money Earning

Download the Dog Racer Trip APK Latest Version / Dog Racer Trip App Download – Click Here.

World Trip Invite Code /Dog Racer Trip Invite Code:

Dog Racer Trip Invite Code 1589342
World Trip Invite Code 1589342
Invite Bonus ₹10 Per Referral
Signup Bonus ₹35 Instant
Dog Racer Trip App Referral Link Download

Signup For Dog Racer Trip and get ₹35

1. Open the World Trip Website 👉 Click HereDog Racer Trip Invite Code

2. Enter your Mobile Number and Verify with OTP >> You will be redirected to Google Play Store.

3. Download the Dog Racer Trip App.

4. Login with the same mobile number.

5. Use Dog Racer Trip Referral Code: 1589342

6. You will Get a Free ₹35 Cash Bonus in your App

7. You can Earn More Credit by Playing this Game and Referring to Friends.

8. That’s it This Money you can Transfer into Bank Account.World Trip APK Download

How to play Dog Racer Trip and Earn?

How to get a money-making dog?

1. Random from synthesizing 2 Lv. 37 dogs;
2. Generated by synthesizing the 5 dogs of “Asia, Africa, Europe, America, and Oceania”;
3. Definite by personal unremitting efforts.
money-making dogs not available for sale to ensure fairness of all players.

How to get bonuses?

At 12:00 a.m. every day, the platform will automatically account for the ads earnings from yesterday and the total number of money-making dogs in the whole network to calculate the bonus allocated to each money-making dog owner on that day. Bonus calculation formula: yesterday’s earnings * 0.2/number of Money-making dogs in the whole network * a number of money-making dogs held by the player. Everyday bonus will be automatically transferred to “My Wallet” and available for withdrawal from time to time.

What is Money Making Dog?

The money-making dog is the only certificate to receive the dividend of advertising revenue in the travel world, The money-making dog can get 20% of the advertising fee, and You can enjoy dividends every day.Dog Racer Trip App

World Trip App/Dog Racer Trip Refer and Earn Rules:

World Tour group is an earning and bonus system of The World Walk open to all players, in order to maximize their earnings when playing the game. Players have fun and make monies at the same time:

1. Your tour group members include: disciples (direct referrals) and disciples’ disciples (indirect referrals).

2. Friend activity earnings: based on the online duration) of your travel partners and fans, [contribution from video watching], and (number of successful referrals]. The more travel partners and fans you have, the more activity earnings you receive every day: 1 travel partner= 2 travel fans.World Trip Refer & Earn

3. Description of target amount and rate:

(1) As the target amount is realized and confirmed by the player, the earnings will be automatically transferred into your wallet and withdrawable immediately; furthermore, you ascend to the next stage;
(2) Ascending to the next stage is accompanied by an additional acceleration multiplying factor. The more goals you realize, the higher the acceleration multiplying factor; an acceleration multiplying factor is designed to help you realize the goals faster. For example, if the active earnings from A are 12Rs and the multiplying factor is 1.2, then the actual earnings are 10 * 1.2=12RsDog Racer Trip APK Download

Download APK Dog Racer Trip:

Stow your belongings and get ready to EXPLORE! Play anytime, anywhere. Unlock new and more powerful dogs by merging them! Merge dogs to discover new dogs. Try to complete the set of all breeds!

  • Merge dogs to unlock different breeds
  • Dogs earn chips over time
  • Make purchases with your earned chips to raise your efficiency
  • Free play mode you’ll love.

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